Thursday, January 31, 2008


Tree number 2 is next to the yarn tree, and both make up the evergreen section of the North Woods. It'll be another "climbing tree." This tree is made of old green manufactured sweaters, whose arms are super starched to stand up like limbs of a tree. Some of the limbs can be peered into--I'm not exactly sure how to make this happen, but I want to have some old fashioned woodland scenes in them that are kind of 3d. But I want them to look kind of far away, like you're peering into a telescope that shows you the inside of the tree, and inside there are, say, chipmunks playing Uno. I'll make the illustrations and do cutouts for a 3d effect.

Anyway, here's the plan for this tree:


You'll notice that just like the Yarn Tree, the Sweater Tree is climbable. At the top is a large, sloppy turtleneck (starched, of course) that has a pigeon nest inside. Participants can send the pigeon across the Park on a Zip line. More on this in the next post.

One thing I forgot. These sweaters are the kind with zippers and pockets. Inside the pockets are guitar picks; they are green with leaf veins printed on them. You can take one home if you want to. Occasionally there might be a brown leaf pick, or a red pick that's like the berry or the fruit of the tree.

There may be hoods as well that hold other nests...haven't quite worked that out yet. Any ideas?

Ingredients list:

1. Many green sweaters
2. One sloppy turtleneck sweater (for the pigeon nest at the tippy-top of the tree)

(The turtleneck should be bigger, and sloppier than this one)

3. Green guitar picks with leaf printing (for the tree pockets)
(I like this shape of pick--it's sort of the shape of an aspen leaf)

4. Various cutouts of woodland creatures playing Uno
(Something like this squirrel. But he'll be cut out, life size, and holding real Uno cards. He'll be at a table with a chipmunk and a raccoon or something.)

Once again, I believe this whole idea came up in my brainstorm session with Caralie and Austin.

Coming up next: Mrs. Arlene Pigeon-Pants who lives at the top of the Sweater Tree. Stay tuned.

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