Monday, January 28, 2008


Just a second, it's a little hard to explain.

I'm remaking Central Park for an indoor installation that will travel with me on tour with my new album Souvenirs and Shiny Things.

The album ( and the Web serial it's the soundtrack to ( first episode: ), are both more-or-less about Central Park, so I thought it'd be fun to make a super fancy park reproduction.

I think it's pretty cool how Central Park is made-up nature. Every rock and tree and blade of grass is carefully planned and plopped in exactly the right spot for your amusement. In my park every rock and tree and blade of grass is made out of something else--something not-nature. And it's all arranged just for you to look at and paw through and play with and take apples from.

In case this isn't making sense, here's an example: In one part of the venue will be The North Woods. So, I'm making a bunch of trees, see? Each tree is different, special, and wants you to play with it. This particular tree is made of hundreds of knitted yarn cones like this:

They are going to be all sewn together and hung over a wooden ladder like this:

(click on pic to see a larger, readable version)

Notice how you can climb up the back of the tree and look out over the whole park with the binoculars provided!

Please also notice that the tree is full of nests. Inside the nests are tiny cupcakes that you can swallow in one bite. Just like a robin's egg, only sweeter and without that bad feeling that
you're wrecking nature. This nature wants you to lick its frosting off.

Ingredients list:

Yarn Cones (hundreds and hundreds all haphazardly sewn together)

Wooden Ladder (should be stouter than this one)

Blue Plastic Needles (to make cupcake nests)

(I put a hair pin in there for some scale)

Cupcakes (like these, only smaller)
Small Binoculars (too see across the park)

This idea came from a brainstorm session with Caralie and Austin. I think the tree was mostly Austin's idea. Thanks Austin!


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yes yes yes! delicious.