Wednesday, March 5, 2008



In trying to solve the problem of making park benches that are both in keeping with the re-appropriated materials idea and the portable idea, I became interested in making furniture out of cardboard for the installation. I found a few things on the internet which lead me to believe cardboard can be engineered to support human weight. I actually think it will be pretty easy. The park bench above is one I made to see what it would look like--I'm liking the foldy-ness of it, and also that it looks pretty beefy yet cast-off. This is an idea I'd like to carry throughout the whole project-- a kind of large, heavy presence in dimension, but light to pick up. I also want to continue with the idea making castoff things into solid, usable objects--the idea that your imagination uses available materials to construct a Utopian world.

Right now this Tyvek bear is taking advantage of the so-far miniatureness of the Utopian world. He has quite a habitat there on the windowsill.

Can't wait to be out of bed long enough to make a life-sized prototype!



itspacific said...

wow. those benches are sweet looking but can you really find a way for cardboard to support even multiple people??? seems too good to be true...

Souvenirs & Shiny Things Installation said...

Yeah, I think so. I found a few plans on the net:

I think it's all about thick cardboard and creative reinforcement.