Sunday, March 16, 2008


I went out on Thursday with Corey Hayes who is going to take our pics for the record/tour/promo/etc. We had a lovely walk around Central Park, scouting locations, chatting, and watching a hawk attack a squirrel. The squirrel didn't get eaten, but it was real close.

We came up with this location--103 and 8th Ave...I think this is the winner. Of course, only I'm in the test shot. I the real thing they'll be four of us. We'll take the pic as is and then I'll sink cardboard dioramas into our bellys. The diaramas will have very bright colors.

The idea is that the color comes from the sky and the grass (which I will colorize), we'll wear grayish colors and the dioramas in our bellies will also be bright. I'm going to try to suggest the shape of CP with the box too--as though we're all maps of Manhattan and the park is inside us--get it?

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