Saturday, March 29, 2008


Here's the real pic we're going to use for the publicity for the installation/record. I'm making dioramas this weekend that will magically be sunk into our bellies by Photoshop.

Corey Hayes took this photo. He's a mensch, as well as a great photographer. He had a lot of good ideas, including building me a campfire:
I have to say that that morning, while it doesn't look it, was COLD. I can't remember ever being so cold. I couldn't feel my feet for two hours after we finally came inside. If only our Central Park photo permit allowed us open fires, we would have lit that thing, i'm telling you.

Which brings me to rope jumping, a warm reindeer game that i am apparently sad to be left out of:

Dioramas posted tomorrow!


itspacific said...

wow. he did a great job with those pictures. that spot ended up working out great!

Anonymous said...

ok, so i've been looking at these pictures and the lighting is really incredible. especially compared to the last posting! it seems almost unnatural like everything is glowing. your photographer is really great!

sorella said...

Wow. That picture of you... stunning....