Monday, April 28, 2008


This is Betty, the tree that lives in front of my house. I'm not sure what type she is--not a cherry or apple, but something with blossoms kinda like one of those trees. Anyway, she bears no fruit, ornamental or otherwise, so she's just pretty for the fun of it, which I appreciate.

This spring all the trees/flowers/etc seem like they're on steriods, and Betty is no exception. Here she's dropping her petals all over the place and I feel like I'm in some sort of cartoon wedding when I descend my stairs. Who knew that walking to the subway could make you feel like a Disney princess? Too bad I don't have one of those pouffy dresses.

I was sad that I didn't take a picture of Daffodil Season because it was mindbogglingly amazing. It was almost too much. I wanted to tell them all to turn down the volume, we get it!

I don't really mean that; if you're a daffodil you can shout as loud as you want. It's the prerogative of the truly yellow.

Anyway, to make up for the lack of daffodil pix I took about 87 of old Betty here. We moved to the neighborhood on the same weekend. Didn't she grow up nice? Here's a pic of her petals on the sidewalk.

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