Monday, April 7, 2008


Pardon the off-topic nature of this post. I'm too sad to think about anything else right now. Doodie was my cat for twelve years and now he's gone. His kidneys failed, and we had to make that awful decision to put him down. Of course we could have paid $2000 to keep him alive a while longer and then give him shots every day, but geesch--we're just not the kind of people who can make that happen, though I wish we were.

I went in while they administered the fatal barbiturate. It was awful. He died with his eyes open. I wish I could have just dropped him off, but then I would have been tortured about it. I didn't want him to have to wait around at the vet before he got axed. He would have been lonely, and in an unfamiliar environment. He already had motion sickness because of the cab ride to the vet. Poor little guy.

Doodie was a very good pet. He was extremely cuddly, playful, moderately stupid in a pleasant way, had good hygiene, smelled great and was very, very soft. One thing I really admired about Doodie was that he was never afraid of new situations. All the vets loved him because of this--he was very chill for examinations. But he would bite you if you touched his belly; he had boundaries.

Jad was his best friend and they played and cuddled every day. I almost can't imagine Jad at home without Doodie. The man and his cat were a pair. I'm sure Jad's gonna miss him a lot more than I will.

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Anonymous said...

man annie... i'm really sad for you...