Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I tried a lot of different ways to make this nest. It was my idea that I'd use no glue--that I'd attach twigs together with back pressure. When I realized that was not working I tried sewing them together with thread--also not happening. Did you know it was so hard to make a nest? Well, it is. It's hard and time consuming.

In the end I caved and bought a nice can of spray glue. Even this was not without its difficulty--the sticks stuck to my hand more than to each other. It's actually not coming off my hands any time soon, nor the spatula I used to detach the poor nest from the plate I constructed it on. I may have to throw the spatula away or just use it in nest making evermore.

All this to say: I don't know how they do it. This is really a sorry nest--it wouldn't keep any eggs warm for a second. . And I had tweezers, a spatula, spray glue and needle and thread to help me, not to mention advice from a nice lady at Michaels. It looks simple, but it aint.

I read that the American Goldfinch makes its nest so snug that it can hold water. The American Goldfinch are geniuses!

This nest is going into my Yarn Tree and will soon house some teeny cupcakes with robin's egg blue frosting.

My tree is nearing completion. My joy is great. I still think i have around 100 cones to go, though. Turns out, making a tree is pretty time consuming too, almost as time consuming as growing one.

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