Friday, June 13, 2008


I realize I already had a weekly bloom this week, but I'm going to Arizona on Tuesday (for almost a month), and I don't know if there's anything blooming there at this time of year. If I were a flowering plant I wouldn't want to bloom when it's 100 degrees or more every day. Just sayin'.

Here's what's in bloom:

COLUMBINE (Aquielegia)

COREOPSIS (Coreopsis lancelota, also called TICKWEED)


Did you know that strawberries of any sort (as well as blackberries and raspberries) are very closely related to the rose? Also tree fruits like peaches, plums, almonds, cherries and apricots, though they're a little farther away in the family tree. Next time you see a fruit tree, look at how much the blossoms resemble small, opened roses.

Being a plant geek, I'm very exited about this thing I just found--It's a Bloom Clock. People write in to say what they see blooming. I want to participate, but I can't find one for this year, sadly.


Sarah Jane said...

Thank you for the lovely flower post! Looks like things are blooming nicely. Mmm, woodland strawberries, are you allowed to pick them?

iamchanelle said...

i so hope to meet you when you get here...mark converti, your sister and nancy to name a few... have all told me all about you! ;)

and things ARE blooming here in the desert, in spite of furnace-like temperatures. here's proof.

until soon,
~ chanelle

Souvenirs & Shiny Things Installation said...

sarah jane: i don't know if you're technically allowed, but i definitely do pick them. they are seedy but have a very nice flavor. there are also very tasty blackberries in central park though, that you can gather in handfuls. june berries are a good park crop around here too. yum.

Souvenirs & Shiny Things Installation said...

i can't wait to meet you too. jake talked about you a lot when he was here.

i looked through all your pix and they are stupendous. you have a great eye. so well done.

hope to see you soon!