Saturday, February 2, 2008


This little movie is off-topic. Jad and I made it today...we're learning After Effects.


Today we're tackling the Apple tree, which has been giving me fits. Here is the original drawing for it:


Notice the wee Lady Apple that will be in the bowl of each soup spoon. These are the most wonderful two bite apples in the world. Plus they are real pretty--yellow and green and pink!

All the ladles and soup spoons are stainless steel and thrift store mismatch. The soup spoons will be welded or glued to the bottom of the ladles in twos and threes.

The light inside the tree should go on at "Nighttime." At certain times night will fall in the room and the lamp posts, Chinese lanterns, fireflies and certain trees will turn on.

There are two things wrong with this drawing:

1. The ladles need to have gifts in them too. I was thinking that they might have big apples--maybe Pink Ladies (in keeping with the Lady theme for apples). Or maybe we can fill the bowl of each ladle with water and put flowers in. Apple blossoms would be great, but only available in spring, and not really a good cut flower. Maybe some other sort of flower--or something else entirely. Austin and Caralie (or anyone else), any ideas?

2. I don't like the shape of this tree. Maybe instead of just having a lamp stand and putting the ladles and spoons around it symmetrically...Maybe I should make a form out of chicken wire or something and irregularly hang the ladles from it. I think that will look much better.

Here's the base of the tree--a lamp stand covered with bamboo grapefruit spoons:



1. Lamp stand (this one is too ornate, but you get the idea).

2. Bamboo grapefruit spoons (to cover the base of the lamp stand)

3. Many stainless steel ladles (mismatched)
4. Many stainless steel soup spoons (mismatched)
5. Lady apples to put in the soup spoons (they are about 2 inches tall)
6. Pink lady apples for the ladles (or maybe flowers?)
(Pink Lady apples are large apples)

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sorella said...

Lovely apple drawings!