Tuesday, February 19, 2008



Okay here's drawing #1 (probably of many) having to do with the subway station. This is what I'm thinking: at the entrance a cardboard or canvas (or maybe Tyvek) "wall" begins angling up. Meanwhile, the floor has a drawing of stairs on it--not sure how to make this both light and durable, but maybe Tyvek is the solution again. This is so that participants appear to be going underground. When the wall reaches its height, it levels off and becomes the doorway of a subway car.

Here's what I know about the subway car:

1. You can walk into it (like it's a wee room to go inside)
2. You can look out the windows into the underground
3. The pictures in the windows will "go by", meaning that they will cycle through on a scroll of some sort, and this scroll will be operated somehow by participants.

Here's what needs figuring out:

1. Does t he car have seats, or is it more like a popup book--like different levels of things in relief?
2. Should the car "move" when the scroll is turned? How can that be accomplished? It would be real nice if there was some sort of rumbling happening.
3. Should the windows be operated from outside or inside the train car? One Idea is that the crank exists on the other side of the car wall, facing another part of the park. I'm thinking the wall will face the North Woods. It'd be great to think of a creative way to incorporate the crank into the woods so that people crank it not knowing what they're doing, and the people in the subway car just happen to get a ride when this happens.

I'll draw close ups of the windows later on.

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