Saturday, February 9, 2008



Here's the Postcard Leaf tree. Each of the "leaves" are photographs of leaves from Central Park printed onto plain, white postcards. The postcards can be removed from the alligator clips (people can take them).

The alligator clips are attached to plastic coils, like you might attach keys to, or sunglasses. The plastic coils are attached to Tyvek covered stiff wire "twigs." The Tyvek is laser printed with twig photographs, and sewn with big, obvious stitches over the wires (a little thicker than coat hangar weight), so that they look like twigs--but close inspection reveals that they are textureless photos.

The bark of the tree will likewise be photographed Ponderosa Pine bark cut out and layered onto the tree trunk. Not sure what Ponderosa Pine bark looks like?

It's kind of jigsaw puzzle-y. So we take it a step further and cut out the printed Tyvek into puzzle shaped pieces and layer them on. I think glue will do here. No need to sew it on.

But back to the top of the tree...The overall effect with the coils and the wires is that everything kind of springs and waves when people walk by and touch it. It might also be fun to employ a low setting fan to wave the leaves around.

One comment is that we might want to have stamps and pens available so that participants can write to friends. Then we can take all the cards and post them from NYC. Maybe one or two of the cards can already have things written on them..."The Park is beautiful this time of year. I wish you could see it!" and etc.

One thing that I think should be different than in the drawing is this: There should be WAY more cards, and the whole thing should be a kind of Willow effect like this:
One note is that I'm pretty sure there are no Willows in Central Park, but neither are there Ponderosa Pines, and since this is an imaginary hybrid of the two (along with some Tyvek genomes thrown in), I'm just not going to worry about it. There's gonna have to be a good amount of suspension of disbelief granting around here.

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