Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I had to go back to the hospital Monday night because of my recalcitrant Cauda Equina Syndrome. Fun times. This is a picture of me looking down at my brand new IV port. The nurse who put it in was extra gentle. I had some bruisers the last time I was there.

Here I am in a hallway waiting for my Xray. In the halls outside of the Bronx ER they have these really cool mirror balls attached to the ceilings, so that the orderlies don't crash into other gurneys when they're coming round a corner. I got parked right under one of them. I wanted to draw me drawing myself (like a discount Escher!) but by the time I got around to drawing myself on the gurney I was way too small. When I learn how to draw better, maybe I'll redo it.

Anyway, it was 4:30 AM by the time I was wheeled out into the hall, and I was glad for a little quiet; emergency rooms are loud. I finally got admitted at 9 the next morning. The hospital was full.

The whole experience was a success because I got out without being cut open again. And I got a lot done on my yarn tree. By some stroke of luck I was put on the orthopedic floor's only private room. I knitted a bunch of tiny trees to lay around. The nurses all wondered what I was making. I stopped explaining it after awhile because they just weren't getting it; I said I was knitting wee hats. Anyway, it was nice to see some of those nurses again. Especially the one named Anna.

They let me out this afternoon, so I'll resume regular posting tomorrow.

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