Thursday, February 7, 2008


I made this bear with a FedEx envelope, thread, and yarn ends (for stuffing). He's about 8 inches tall. I made him fairly one-dimensional because I wanted to just spend an hour or two--he was an experiment, after all-- but I really like him. I'll probably make him a scarf and hat. He's pretty happy in the tiny forest I'm making for the Yarn Tree.

I would like to sing the praises of Tyvek as a fabric. It sews like a dream, is stronger than fabric, and wrinkles up to a beautiful old paper texture. I can't wait to make the pigeon. I'm going to have to purchase an alligator clip and find some used airmail envelopes. It's essential that they've been posted; I want the return address to appear under her wing, and possibly the stamp too. Of course the airmail stripes will appear as the stripes on her wing--like a rock Pigeon:I think I'll staple together a pattern sometime this week before I start in on the real pigeon, which (because of hand-stitching) will likely take a long time.

In case you haven't read the blog about this pigeon, here's the plan:


I'm hoping to find some manila Tyvek envelopes as well, to make her feet with.

My next Tyvek experiment will be to see if it can be printed on in a standard jet or laser printer. If so, I might use it to reproduce bark patterns for another tree.

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