Sunday, May 11, 2008


I wonder if NYC has some sort of an account with Holland. Every year the Conservatory Garden, Broadway and Park Avenue have many hundreds of the same color tulips. It's actually more like thousands or millions of them. This year many are this weird purple-black color, like photograph of red tulips with the blacks turned WAY up.

But, back to Holland. Do you suppose that the people at XYZ Holland grower are like, "Boys, no matter what, we have to keep the NYC account; wear the wooden shoes if you have to." Twelve million bulbs a year have probably paid for all their kids college tuitions and the ground breaking for that bulb museum Grandpa Vandersloot always dreamed about.

I really have no idea. I'm just thinking that whomever sends us the bulbs is doing brisk business.

I also know that I'm going to be picking up a few of these girls when they take them outta the ground at the end of the summer. You can have them for free, I'm told, on a certain mysterious unannounced day, if you happen to be walking by.


Peggie said...

Beautiful. I hear that people actually were eating tulip bulbs in Holland at the end of WWII. In fact, a friend of mine, Dirk VanLeenan wrote a book about all of that - he was just a very small boy at that time in that place. He owns a flower shop here in Mesa, AZ. He does a beautiful business. Anyway, the book is called "Resistance on a Bicycle". Get the hard back. The paperback needed more editing than it received. It is really a great bunch of interesting events that happened while trying to save lives. Heart warming. He wrote "Lest we forget" in the front of my copy. Tulips will always bring up these stories in my mind.

Souvenirs & Shiny Things Installation said...

Peggie, you should have a blog. I would read it every day.

Peggie said...

You can show me how. I just think I "comment" well. You are the inspiration for the comments. It would be fun to have a page about all the goings on at this house. Especially in the summer time! That is something to think about.