Sunday, May 25, 2008


Thinking ourselves SO original yesterday, with our knitting men post, I expected to be the only listing to come up when I typed men who knit in the Google box. Not so. Not even close to being so.

This is a real, live genre of activity/person out there. There were not just a few listings. No, there are pages and pages of listings, including a magazine devoted to it.

This is probably my favorite site out there...It includes a little history of male knitting.

I would like to read this children's book, too, but keep in mind: written by a woman.

Here's a video, featuring a man knitting a hammock with pool cues.

Some more links:
Men Who Knit Community
Male Knitters (at
A fun blog

Keep in mind, I've only listed a tiny fraction of the sites out there.

We've officially decided to rename our musical genre Male Knitting Music. It's going to catch on, I'm sure of it.

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