Friday, May 30, 2008


My brain is boring, thank God. Perfectly normal, see? I left the doctor with a huge envelope of brain pics, feeling like I had just been to some demented elementary school Olan Mills shoot. Really, the individual scans come out in little squares that are more-or-less wallet sized. I might sign one "have a nice summer" for Jad. He used to tell me he liked me for my brain.

I'm thinking of cutting them up and using them somehow in the installation. They might make good tree innards, coupled with my lumbar spine MRIs. Like the tree skeleton is in there and it's just like yours, you perfectly normal (albeit with some bionics) patient, you.

I'm considering making knot holes in the Yarn Tree or the Sweater Tree which have a magnifying glass and an LED light so you can see the bones.


nice guy said...

OMG...the two bottom brain scans look like faces with horns! Awesome!

Souvenirs & Shiny Things Installation said...

Oh you should see the ones with the eyeballs. Scary.