Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Sunday I went to the wedding of two good friends. They got married at Hearnshead in Central Park. Their permit only allowed for 20 or so people to actually be in the gazebo-like structure thingy:So the rest of us rowed out in boats:It was raining and that made things cold but fun. Our excellent hosts provided us with flasks of bourbon and other goodies like wax lips:

Bourbon + wax lips = We don't notice the rain.

Never had wax lips at a wedding before. I've also never attended a wedding in a boat. It was a banner day.

Wish I had a better pic of the bride and groom to show you. Oh here's a funny vid of their civil ceremony; 1.25 minutes courtesy of NY City Hall.


telefonsex said...

Good Job! :)

jen said...

well that just makes me feel better. i'm so worried it will rain on my parade. but your friends obviously made the most of it!