Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Last night I was walking home and saw this guy. He was trying to leave the yard at the Museum of Natural History and cross the road to get to CP. He almost got hit by a car on Central Park West in one attempt.

He was a cute little guy, and stood up on his hind legs a couple times, obligingly, so I could take his picture:

I love how it looks like he's wearing pants. And his little hands are nice too. All he needs is a backpack to look like he's nonchalantly walking to subway. Maybe he keeps his Metrocard in a hidden pocket in those pants.

Here's one more dark photo of Mr. Raccoon Pants' epic journey:

I hope he made it across the street.


Ray M said...

I love how they look so cute, but have the potential to bite your face off if they feel so inclined! I guess a dog could do that too...hmmm.

Souvenirs & Shiny Things Installation said...

Yeah, this guy was so close to me, I almost reached out to touch him a couple times.

You do never hear about them being pets. I guess there's a reason for that. Mean buggers, I'm told.